Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Los Cabos is SAFE from Swine Flu and Drug Violence!

From Hautter's Cabo Noche magazine:

What is important for you to know is that Los Cabos is very safe! Some of what you have been hearing may in fact be true; however, we can assure you that it does not pertain to Los Cabos, or to any part of the entire state of Baja California Sur, Mexico, which is where Los Cabos is located. Not one confirmed flu case has been recorded here. And for those that don't know, Cabo is far from all this hype: a 1,000+ mile drive from the closest major city (Tijuana and San Diego). Read THE FACTS ABOUT SWINE FLU IN LOS CABOS, MEXICO , which is a blog about how Los Cabos remains safe from Swine Flu.

To learn more about how safe Los Cabos is from any of the recently reported drug related border towns, please download MEDIA MISREPORTS MEXICO. This story sets the record straight about how Cabo is not affected by Mexico's drug-related violence, and it is published in the upcoming Summer 2009 edition of Cabo Noche. Download a PDF of this article now, before the magazine is available, at: www.hautter.com/assets/files/safety_of_los_cabos_cn_article.pdf

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