Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tour the East Cape - Current Developments in Progress

On our recent visit to Los Cabos, we spent the day capturing new footage of our beautiful beachfront property in Cabo Vinorama Estates and resting at the Crossroads for a delicious cheeseburger and cerveza. Afterwards, we drove up the coast north along the Sea of Cortez to scout out new projects underway and planned for the growing East Cape.

Here's the link to the Photo Shoot - be sure to 'view' the album geographic map to reference the locations of the various additional projects, construction and developments along the way to Cabo Pulmo.

Latest video from Casa Del Sol Lot #13 - Cabo Vinorama Estates: June 17, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Los Cabos is SAFE from Swine Flu and Drug Violence!

From Hautter's Cabo Noche magazine:

What is important for you to know is that Los Cabos is very safe! Some of what you have been hearing may in fact be true; however, we can assure you that it does not pertain to Los Cabos, or to any part of the entire state of Baja California Sur, Mexico, which is where Los Cabos is located. Not one confirmed flu case has been recorded here. And for those that don't know, Cabo is far from all this hype: a 1,000+ mile drive from the closest major city (Tijuana and San Diego). Read THE FACTS ABOUT SWINE FLU IN LOS CABOS, MEXICO , which is a blog about how Los Cabos remains safe from Swine Flu.

To learn more about how safe Los Cabos is from any of the recently reported drug related border towns, please download MEDIA MISREPORTS MEXICO. This story sets the record straight about how Cabo is not affected by Mexico's drug-related violence, and it is published in the upcoming Summer 2009 edition of Cabo Noche. Download a PDF of this article now, before the magazine is available, at:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mexico Real Estate Industry Fights Back

Defending against the onslaught of negative press from the US media, RE/MAX recently issued results of research claiming that tourist zones in Mexico are up to 26 times safer than many tourist zones in the United States.

Among its findings: the state of Baja California Sur has a homicide rate 26 times lower than Orlando, 18 times lower than Miami, 17 times lower than West Palm Beach and 12 times lower than Tampa and Honolulu.

The report also stated that Baja California Sur has a homicide rate 39 times lower than Washington DC, 19 times lower than Houston and 17 times lower than Dallas. The new research by RE/MAX Investment Properties comparing homicide rates in the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico shows that Mexican tourist zones are much safer than those in the U.S.A. and many tourists are probably safer on vacation in Mexico than when on vacation or living at home

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Baja California Sur Projects are Forging Ahead

In spite of global financial problems, Mexico seems to be one of the few countries in the world that appears to be weathering the storm without too much damage. Yes the peso is down and unemployment up, but overall the economy seems relatively strong.

Work is progressing on several large developments, in Baja California Sur. These are located at Loreto, on the East Cape, near La Paz, the state capital and at Cabo San Lucas.

The Villas group, operators of resorts in Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Nuevo Vallarta are developing 1,800 acres at Loreto, North of La Paz. The project will include a Reese Jones golf course, up-scale time shares and full ownership along with grand hotels.

The Governor of our state was in Madrid where he met with Luis Delso and his associates. They are developing a project in the area known to locals as " Los Cruces". It was at Loss Cruces where Bing Crosby, Desi Arnez and other Hollywood types built homes. Los Cruces is on a large piece of land with only five houses and a small boutique hotel. The new project will be known as, "Azul de Cortes." A 14 kilometre road has been under construction from the Port Of Pichilingue to Azul del Cortes. A reliable source tells me that work has no ben completed.

Another Spanish company headed by Juan Manuel Ferri is developing a project to be known as Coral Baja. The developers are spending $ 350,000,000 on the project located on the East Cape. A new road is planned that will connect Coral Baja with the international airport at San Jose del Cabo.

Work is progressing on Quivira. This is a $ 1.5 billion project joining together the resources the Ritz Carlton Hotel chain of hotels, Jack Nicklaus and the Pueblo Bonito Oceanfront Resorts and Spas. In January, top executives of Marriott International, parent of Ritz Carlton came to vist the future home of The Ritz Carlton Los Cabos is on 1,850 acres of rolling foothills, with three miles of pristine beaches, yet only a mile away from downtown Cabo San Lucas. Quivira is being developed in phases with residential opportunities in each phase Phase one of the development will offer luxury living at the Residences of Ritz Carlton Cabos Quivira. Initial offering will include 44 ocean view homes on appricmatley1/3 acre lots as well as 75 one-story beach front homes on approximately ½ plus acre lots.

Source: John K. Glaab, CIP, Editor, The Settlement Company

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Highway Announced for the East Cape

The governor confirmed that the 500 million pesos ($26 million US) estimated for the construction of the highway will be entirely financed by Spanish investors. This will be a tourist corridor between La Ribera, Buenavista and Los Barriles.

The governor, Narciso Agúndez Montaño, announced that on or before three months, construction of the highway between the Airport - Palo Escopeta - East Cape will begin, which investment, estimated at over 500 million pesos, will be entirely financed by the Spanish company Coral Baja, which will be developing in the East Cape zone. The governor emphasized that this highway will be enormously beneficial not only to the tourist developments in the East Cape zone, including La Ribera, Buenavista and Los Barriles, but also to the livestock sector in the area.

After meeting with the Spanish businessmen Wednesday afternoon to discuss the investments announced for the East Cape area, the governor, Narciso Agúndez Montaño declared that the foreigners, leaded by Juan Ferri, are very interested in investing in this highway, as well as in developments in La Ribera and Puerto Cortés. The governor added that this highway, with an estimated cost of 500 million pesos, entirely financed by said private investors, will be approximately 43 kilometers long and will be benefiting both the livestock sector and tourism development.

The governor stated that this highway will undoubtedly constitute a tourist corridor for the East Cape, San José, La Ribera, Buenavista and Los Barriles, considering that it has as much potential as the existing tourist corridor Cabo San Lucas - San José del Cabo. He added that we are very pleased that foreign investors have accepted our invitation and specially that they continue trusting Los Cabos and the entire State as an excellent place for investment.

The governor stated that he considers this highway will detonate the area, thus the importance of the investment in this project. Agúndez Montaño added that during these critical times, it is encouraging for Baja California Sur to see that private investors continue trusting their nvestments in our State -“although investments in infrastructure works in the State is somewhat slow, we have complete confidence that businessmen will continue investing”. The governor informed that this achievement is a result of the activities perform during his recent visit to Spain.…. 16/02/2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cabo Riviera Marina and Golf Resort to Begin Construction

Via PRWeb - Cabo Riviera, a marina and golf development on the East Cape of the Sea of Cortez has received the final permits and will begin construction starting January 2008. The development will be located along a three mile strip of beach near La Ribera on Sea of Cortez just 45 minutes North of the Cabo San Lucas International airport.

More than 400 marina channel lots will be offered for home sites which will include the option for a private dock for personal watercraft. Included in this master plan are two five star resort hotels with a 18 hole Pete Dye golf course with the option for 9 additional holes. Golf course and beach front lots will also be available for custom home sites.

The forecast is to have the marina and golf course competed in 2010 however the completion of the entire master plan to include commercial space, resort villas, employee village, and the final phases of the marina and golf course, do not have a published completion date at this time.

The developer, Marino Mariscal, has recently completed the La Salinas marina in Ensendada. His developments include 217 projects with 310 million square feet and most currently completed Lighthouse Point Estates, a home-site development just South of La Ribera.

The first phase of channel lots was recently opened up for reservations to friends and family offering a substantial discount prior to all the permits being obtained. Now that all the permits have been issued and construction is scheduled to commence in January, the general public may purchase channel lots in the first phase while they last, at similar discounts for a short period of time.

Clients that own property within the development will receive discounts on golf and marina services. The marina will have dry dock storage with concierge services which will enable property owners to call in advance to have their boat put in the water, fueled, and serviced, prior to arriving.

The East Cape is one of the top bill fishing destinations in the world, however due to the fact that there was no marina facilities in this area, the charter and private fishing boats have been moored off shore in the front the town of Los Barriles, Buena Vista, and Rancho Leonero, where the major fishing resort hotels are located. With the coming of the marina, the East Cape will now see the larger luxury sport fishing boats which require the protected marina facilities.

With the news of the marina, land speculators have been busy purchasing property up and down the coast line in anticipation of the influx of vacationers, retirees, and home buyers, which the marina and golf resort will attract.

This once reserved low key area of the East Cape which primarily attracted windsurfers and fisherman is now evolving into a destination resort community which has started to attract visitors from all over North and South America. Over the past two years property values along the East Cape have seen some the highest appreciation in Baja and is expected to continue at a rapid pace based on the anticipation of the marina and golf course, as well as other golf courses and resort developments are being considered.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mexico Second Home Markets Still Sunny

American's appetite for second homes in Mexico remains strong, says Carlos Garza, CEO of Texas-based INB Financial Corp., which started offering corss-border mortgages last year. Evidence of the demand: Mexico's top bank, BBVA Bancomer has made about $115 million in loans to Americans and Canadians so far this year and has a full-year goal of $200 million. The average loan is about $500,000.

Most of BBVA's business has come from professionally active Americans, ages 40 to 55, who are looking for a weekend retreat, and from semi-retired buyers between the ages 55 and 60 who spend several months a year in Mexico, says Isidoro Sanchez, a director of business development at BBVA Bancomer.

"Given the kind of homes that are being purchased in the $800,000 to $2 million range, this is a segment that is still buying even though there is a crisis in the U.S." Sanchez says. Mexico City-based real estate research firm Softec Consultoria inmobilaria predicts vacation home sales to foreigners are set to reach 35,000 units worth $17 billion in 2012, up from 18,000 units sold for $6.4 billion in 2007.

(Source: Dow Jones International News, 9/03/2008)